Nigerian Breweries Plc aims for 70% renewable energy by 2030

Nigerian Breweries Plc has revealed plans to achieve 70% renewable energy usage by 2030, as the company seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of its production plants across the country.

The clean energy target was disclosed by the brewery’s managing director Jordi Borrut Bel during the commissioning ceremony for a 663.6kW solar power plant in the city of Ibadan.

Bel said the solar project would reduce carbon emissions from its Ibadan brewery by 10,000 tonnes over its lifespan, before adding that plans were also underway for similar solar plants in the company’s Aba, Enugu and Lagos bottling plants.

“We are brewing a better world by significantly reducing carbon emission from our production sites by 2030,” he said. “We do not want to only be the number one in sales and profitability; we also want to be the number one in environmental sustainability to enable the communities we operate in to benefit from our operations in the best possible way.”

The Ibadan solar power plant is expected to provide 800MW of power on an annual basis. “This means clean energy for us at Nigerian Breweries, but it also means clean energy and air to the people of Ibadan and Ogun State,” Bel concluded.