Mauritius ranked highest of African nations in World Bank Doing Business index

Mauritius has been ranked as the highest performing African economy in the World Bank Group’s latest Doing Business report, but Nigeria came out as one of the most improved nations in the 2020 edition.

The annual research looks at 190 nations and evaluates the business environment on the basis of 10 measures including access to credit, with an overall ranking that compares with the other nations.

Indian Ocean island nation Mauritius was joined by Rwanda and Morocco as the top performing African countries in the index, while Somalia, Eritrea, Libya, South Sudan and the Central African Republic were among the worst performing economies.

Africa’s most populous nation Nigeria enjoyed a 15 place rise on its 2019 performance, sitting in 131st on the overall list. However, Nigeria-based business analyst with SBM Intelligence Tunde Leye said that while the new rank is a major improvement, there are still existing counterproductive policies that make running businesses hard.

“The ease of doing business may be better, but the actual process of running a business has been stifled,” he told CNN.