Bitcoin mining company to start constructing wind farm in Morocco

Bitcoin mining company Soluna will begin constructing a 36MW wind farm in Morocco at the start of next year, which could eventually grow to provide 900MW of energy for its operations.

The company, formed by New York private equity firm Brookstone Partners, has the rights to 37,000 acres of land in the Moroccan segment of the Sahara Desert and expects to build the initial 36MW of capacity by 2020.

Then, Soluna plans to develop a 900MW wind farm power plant within the next five years, which would significantly offset the carbon footprint of its Bitcoin mining operations.

The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin mining is a voracious consumer of energy, with Digiconomist reporting that the practice uses approximately 71TWh per year – equivalent to 10% of China’s annual energy usage.

In a recent press release, Soluna said the Moroccan wind farm will be combined with the company’s private computing facilities to power the blockchain in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

“Soluna will address the growing demand for energy to power today’s growing blockchain networks, and will create the world’s first service node, providing high-density computing for future blockchain networks,” said CEO John Belizaire.