Nov 21, 2017 Last Updated 10:19 AM, Nov 20, 2017

African Tourism set to grow 106%

ABN – The World Tourism Organisation has forecast African tourism to grow to 134 million by 2030.

This is a 106% increase from the 65 million recorded visitors to Africa in 2013.

The top five countries visited in 2013 were Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

Charles Leyeka Lufumpa, Director of the Statistics Department at the African Development Bank, said: "Tourism, as one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic sectors, has tremendous potential to boost inclusive economic growth across the continent and reduce poverty.

"The tourism sector has a vital role to play, opening up lesser developed rural areas, creating job opportunities, and engaging local communities to enlist their participation."

Africa’s tourism industry currently employs around 8.2 million people, 5.3% of the North African workforce and 2.4% of the Sub-Saharan workforce.


Africa expected to become the world’s surf capital

ABN – A Euromonitor travel report released at the World Trade Market event has predicted that Africa will become the surfing capital of the world.

With 26,000 kilometres of coastline Africa is fast becoming a highly sought-after destination by the growing global surfing community.

South Africa already has an established surf reputation with annual national championships, countless surf schools and future plans to open a surf museum.

However surf tourism in Madagascar, Zanzibar, Mozambique and Morocco is developing.

Simon Press, World Travel Market’s senior director, said: "Surfers are adventurous travellers and Africa offers them a vast coastline with undiscovered and uncrowded beaches.”

The International Surfing Association has made Africa a priority in its promotion of the sport with 14 of the association’s 86 members coming from Africa.

By 2020 the global surfing community is expected to stand at 50 million people. 


Old aircraft turned into restaurant in Ethiopia

ABN – An old Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 has been turned into a hotel and restaurant business in Burayu, Ethiopia.

Guttama Gutta the owner of the new hotel invested around 30 million birr (US$1.5 million) in the purchasing, refurbishing and decoration of the aircraft.

The construction and installation of the aircraft took two years and Ethiopian Airlines also sold Gutta decorative items and paintings for the aircraft.

The aircraft can also be used for weddings, birthdays and meetings and will host 60 people for food and drink at a time.

The restaurant will begin operations next week.

Image credit: The Reporter 

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