Mar 24, 2017 Last Updated 10:30 AM, Mar 24, 2017

Nigeria requires $200bn in broadband investments

ABN – The Nigerian government needs more than US$200 billion annually over the next five years to develop the country’s broadband infrastructure.

Nigeria has received massive investment of late and the country needs to develop its broadband to deal with the explosion in data brought about by the growth.

KPMG partner in Management Consulting Joseph Tegbe said: “In the metropolitan transmission ring, what you see is limited coverage.

“Only about 10% of the cities and towns are covered today. Moving to the homes, we have extremely limited coverage.

“These two top layers provide a huge opportunity and gap in the broadband supply chain.

“For investors, an estimated $200 billion is required annually over the next five years to meet these infrastructure gaps.

“Nigeria offers the best returns on investments according to recent studies.”


Google mulls investing in Africa’s largest wind project

ABN – Google is negotiating becoming an investor in Africa’s largest wind energy project in Kenya.

The Lake Turkana Wind Project will reportedly have a capacity of 310 megawatts – representing a 20% boost in Kenya’s total installed energy capacity.

The $700 million project is already fully funded, but sources told CNBC that Google hopes an investment of “tens of millions of dollars” would encourage others to invest in future African energy projects.

Google has already invested $12 million in the Jasper Solar Power Project in South Africa, one of the largest photovoltaic installations on the continent.

Most of the internet giant’s renewable energy investments have been in US projects so far, but the company appears keen to start making more investments in Africa.


Everjobs launches Senegalese job portal

ABN – Everjobs has launched an online job portal in Dakar, Senegal.

Senegal is hoping to establish itself as an emerging country by 2035 and the ‘Plan Senegal Emergent’ initiative aims to promote youth employment in the country to achieve this.

Eric Lauer, Co-founder and managing director at Everjobs Africa said: “Heads of HR are concerned that a lack of basic CV writing knowledge and poor interview preparation resources have contributed to a fall in employability among its youth.

“Furthermore, a widespread risk of counterfeit CV’s has affected HR trust in applicants.

“Many of them are actually currently trying to repatriate some of Senegal’s best talent who have worked and studied abroad.

 “Recruiting managers are finding it difficult to hire those with technical expertise immediately as there are time lags in the recruitment process, particularly in the construction industry.

“In this industry, heads of HR are looking for graduates with state-certified diplomas and strong proven skills, so it’s therefore important for candidates to gain experience in a large firm that provides high-quality training.

“Conversely, Everjobs addresses the need to focus on certain industries with high turnover rates such as hospitality or banks.

“We aim to facilitate the growing market in Senegal by tackling these challenges head-on as it will save both employers and job seekers a lot of time.

“Our mission is to promote transparency in the labour market.”


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