May 26, 2018 Last Updated 11:11 AM, May 23, 2018

Africa’s first solar powered bus unveiled

uganda-solar-bus-kayoola with sourceABN - Kiira Motors has unveiled Africa’s premier solar-powered bus in its first public drive in Uganda today. The Kampala-based manufacturer’s Kayoola

prototype electric bus has two batteries, one charged by a solar panel on the roof while the other powers the bus, increasing the vehicles range to 80km.

The 35-seater bus, officially launching in two weeks, has a peak power capacity of 150kw (204hp) and solar power of 1320w and Kiira are hoping it will be able to run a full day of operations solely from green energy.

A Kiira Motors statement, said: “The Kayoola bus will be easier to maintain, in terms of not having to change oil as is done in the diesel-powered buses and not having to repair hydraulic lines that run through a conventional bus. The bus is expected to run 80km, or virtually a full operational day (for example Kampala – Entebbe – Kampala), between recharges.”

The Kayoola project originated at Makerere University after staff and students attended the Vehicle Design Summit in the US in 2007.

Kiira Motors' chief executive Paul Isaac Musasizi has big plans for the company and his vision is that by 2039 the vehicles can be manufactured in Uganda.

The company also recently announced that it hopes to create 7,000 jobs on the back of the Kayoola


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