Mar 28, 2017 Last Updated 9:05 AM, Mar 28, 2017

SnapnSave launched in South Africa

ABN – A free web and mobile shopping app has been launched in South Africa.

The app, which is called SnapnSave, allows its users to get cash back on everyday grocery items whenever they shop in store.

When the shopper receives their till slip they can take a snap of it through the app.

SnapnSave CEO Mark Bradshaw said: “Shoppers don’t need to worry about crumpled paper coupons, plastic cards, expiry dates nor confusion or embarrassment at the teller.

“As a SnapnSave user, you select the offers you want, buy them in-store and, using your mobile device’s camera, send a snap of your till slip to verify the purchase.”

He added: “Globally, we are seeing more and more mobile technology being developed and used to enable consumers to make smarter purchase decisions.

 “We’ve developed the platform specifically for the South African market and have made getting cash back for shopping easier, discrete and more convenient than ever before.”


Starbucks enters South African market

ABN – Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) has announced that it will open its first South African store in Johannesburg during 2016.

The company is hoping to tap into the country’s surging coffee market as the number of cafes there has expanded rapidly in recent years.

During the 2010 Soccer World Cup Starbucks coffee, which is sourced from nine African countries, was made available through a foodservice deal.

‘Special coffee reserves’ will be created for the Johannesburg location but it will be similar to the coffee served in the company’s other 22,000 locations across the globe.

Johannesburg already has a very lively coffee market, which includes a mix of independent cafes and chains.

Owner of Truth Coffee David Donde said: "They're going to benchmark South African pricing with world pricing.

“We've been selling our coffee too cheap here."

He added that he thinks South African coffee drinkers are becoming more discerning about the quality of the brew, favouring "flavour over bitterness."


Jovago announces Ghanaian expansion

ABN – Africa’s biggest hotel-booking website Jovago has announced that it is opening new offices in Accra, Ghana.

Jovago has been expanding throughout the African continent and has localised its presence in many countries to ensure customer satisfaction.

Ghana’s booming population presents the company with a great opportunity for business.

Country manager Claire Staal said:“The country is full of happiness and enjoyment, hospitable people and beautiful places which is a fertile ground for the growth of tourism and business.

It provides Jovago with a lot of potential to grow and become the biggest online hotel booking portal.

“Being in Accra close to our customers and hotels with our customer service team shows our willingness to participate in this development.”


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