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GZ Industries constructs Aluminium cans plant

ABN – Construction on GZ Industries (GZI) Aluminium Cans Manufacturing plant is due to be completed in August 2015.

Civicon Limited are doing the construction work on the Sh2bn project, which is set to be the largest plant in Kenya.

Civicon’s parent Transcentury Group CEO Dr Gachao Kiuna said: "This project is quite huge and as Civicon and Transcentury Group as a whole we are happy to be involved.

“The project is going to contribute a lot in the country's manufacturing sector.

"We will be done by July, August there I would say we have taken roughly one year."

The facility is expected to have an annual production capacity of 1.2 billion cans.

Kiuna added: "The plant has a capacity of being able to satisfy the region's cans demand.

"I know GZI have the exact numbers in terms of production and the firms they will supply to, but I would not see the reason why our local beverage and beer companies would need to import these cans anymore."


Suntech to open Cape Town warehouse

ABN – Suntech (OTC Pink: STPFQ) has announced plans to open a warehouse in Cape Town.

The announcement follows the company’s earlier plans to establish a manufacturing hub in the country.

However in a more recent statement the company only committed to warehousing.

Joey Zheng, Suntech regional director for Africa and South Asia, said: “The opening of a local warehouse in Cape Town will allow Suntech to increase its sales capacity in South Africa, and in the South African Development Community, which serves as a free trade zone.

“We are also eliminating the effort involved in the PV modules shipping and importation procedure, which will help our customers to better plan their project schedules.”

The new warehouse will have an initial capacity of 500 kilowatts and will later expand to 1 megawatt.

Zheng added: “With a growing number of sales to larger scale projects, we will now be able to assure that all of our customers will have their products within 24 hours after purchase, whereas previously it took 40 days for modules to be delivered from China.”


Dangote increases refinery capacity

ABN – The Dangote Group will increase the capacity of its new refinery by 200,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 650,000bpd.

The Lagos-based refinery is currently under construction and it is expected to come into production in 2017.

Africa is currently experiencing rapid growth and it is hoped that the new refinery will support growing demand for petroleum products on the continent.

The refinery is being funded by debt and equity including a US$3 billion investment from Dangote.


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