Mar 24, 2017 Last Updated 10:30 AM, Mar 24, 2017

Uber increases protection of South African drivers

ABN – Uber is upping its security measures for its South African drivers following a rise in verbal threats from other taxi operators.

Meter taxi drivers have been targeting Uber drivers and a protest was recently held outside the company’s offices.

An Uber spokesperson said that there has been: "recent intimidation, caused by a small number of metered taxi drivers at the Sandton Gautrain and Sandton City.

"We have been engaging with law enforcement and the Gautrain Station to assist with stopping this intimidation.

"In addition we have deployed security to these hotspots." 


Etihad boosts cargo services to Africa

ABN – Etihad Cargo has launched a cargo-only service from Abu Dhabi to Maya Maya Airport in the Republic of Congo.

The company hopes that the increase in its freighter services to Africa will help it to capitalise on trade in African markets.

A Boeing 777F freighter aircraft will make the trip twice a week and will hold a capacity of up to 100 tonnes.

It will transport tools, machinery, general cargo, electronics and project equipment.

The airport is based in the country’s capital of Brazzaville, which is a key political, economic and transportation hub for Central Africa.

Kevin Knight, chief strategy and planning officer at Etihad Airways, said: “Our new freighter service will allow us to capitalise on trade between the Republic and the UAE, and better connect Africa with markets in Europe, the Middle East and Asia”


Namibia launches its own social network

ABN – Namibian Gerson Mangundu has launched the country’s own social network called Namhook.

The 22-year old is currently studying information technology in Cuba and said his mission is to get all Namibians connected to the site so they can enjoy its free services.

He said: "I thought having our own social network could be a great thing, to be able to connect Namibians all over the world.

“Namhook is not just a social network, it's more of a business platform too. Namhook will help solve many problems like offering free advertisements, artists can sell their songs on the network to their fans rather than roaming around the streets to sell their CDs.

“We are also launching safe online shopping where shops in Namibia will be able to sell their products to the rest of the nation via Namhook hence helping them expand their business."

It took Mangundu a year to develop the site, which currently has around 2,130 members.


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