May 26, 2018 Last Updated 11:11 AM, May 23, 2018

Major airlines ban ‘Big Five’ trophies

ABN – Following the outrage over Cecil the lion’s murder, many major airlines worldwide have banned the transport of endangered animal trophies via their aircraft.

Delta Air Lines and United Airlines were the first US-based airlines to ban the practice, despite Delta announcing their support for hunters earlier in the year.

American Airlines has specifically ruled out transporting any dead animals from the African Big Five: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo.

Air Canada has stated that it will not transport lion, leopard, elephant, rhino or buffalo trophies, however it still allows the transportation of animals killed in Canada such as black and grizzly bears.

South African Airways initially banned big game trophy transport in April, but reversed its decision in July in response to pressure from pro-hunting organisation Safari Club International (SCI) based in Arizona, US.

SCI claims that British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Iberia Airways, IAG Cargo, Singapore Airlines, Qatar, Qantas, Emirates, Etihad and Lufthansa have also ruled out transporting big-game trophies.

However, hunters still have options available: one of them being UPS, which in a statement said it would not bow to controversy.


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