Mar 30, 2017 Last Updated 9:01 AM, Mar 30, 2017

Resolve Capacity constructs Nairobi pharmaceutical warehouse

ABN – Resolve Capacity has been awarded a US$20 million contract for the development of a pharmaceutical warehouse in Nairobi.

The facility will be used to supply medicine to all stakeholders in East Africa and will allow healthcare suppliers to meet their patients’ needs with more efficiency.

Resolve Capacity managing executive Arno Haigh said: "While pharmaceutical warehouses and stores are largely invisible to patients, they are essential to ensuring that health commodities are available and maintained in compliant, quality facilities.

"Poorly constructed, maintained or managed storage facilities put products at risk of damage, diversion or expiry all of which puts health programmes and patients' health in jeopardy."

The company will design and construct the temperature controlled warehouse.

Haigh added: "All aspects of materials storage handling and equipment will also be undertaken from the design through to tenders, procurement, installation and commissioning."

Operations at the facility are scheduled to commence in October of this year.


AtsraZeneca to construct Algerian plant

ABN – AstraZeneca (LSE, OMX, NYSE: AZN) has entered into a joint venture to construct a US$125 million small-molecule plant in Algeria.

The joint venture AstraZeneca al-Djazair was announced last week and the company will be majority owned by Algerian companies and AstraZanaeca will hold a 49% interest.

AstraZeneca will provide the $125 million investment for the construction of the facility and will manage it once in operation.

Construction on the project is scheduled to commence later this year with completion expected in the first half of 2017.

Over 300 million tablets, including heart, oncology, gastroenterology and diabetes drugs, will be manufactured at the facility per annum.


Medical apps improve African healthcare

ABN – Several mobile apps have been launched in Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone that help healthcare practitioners widen their understanding in their fields.

The apps are available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and contain monitoring tools and knowledge bases.

One app developer Health Tronics has developed a mobile application that contains information for medical therapies.

The Center for Technology Innovations at Brookings released a report that said: "Mobile health technology may be used to manage disease epidemics, maternal healthcare, and chronic conditions.

“In particular, telehealth platforms and wearable devices can better track patient health as well as the effectiveness of treatments and diagnostics."


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