Mar 28, 2017 Last Updated 9:05 AM, Mar 28, 2017

Sonatel launches digital education project

ABN – The Orange Foundation’s digital education project has been launched in Africa by Senegal-based company Sonatel.

During the pilot phase Senegal, Cameroun, Niger and Madagascar will have access to the project.

Schools chosen for the programme will be able to access online educational content through Wi-Fi.

The educational content includes Wikipedia, Khan Academy math and science courses and digital books.

The project is expected to benefit around 72,000 pupils in 30 different schools across Africa.

Each school will receive a kit from the project that includes 50 tablets, two servers, a digital whiteboard and a video projector. 


South Africa raises education system pass marks

ABN – The South African Department of Basic Education has raised the pass mark for grades 7, 8 and 9.

The department is hoping the changes will improve the quality of education in South Africa’s public school system.

Pass requirements for Language have been raised and learners can only fail one subject without condonation dispensation.

The education department has also embarked on an intensive programme to prepare the school system for the changes.

The department said: “The Department has been extra vigilant to the possible impact of the curriculum transition.”


Rwanda hosts Africa Innovation Summit

ABN – Rwanda played host to the fifth Africa Innovation Summit, organised by Brains Network Group.

The event centred on educational development, investment, training, vocational development, curriculum pedagogy and ICT for education.

Rwandan Minister of Education Silas Lwakabamba said that it is essential children have access to ICT technology in the region.

Lwakabamba added: "To date we have distributed over 200,000 laptops to more than 400 primary schools in Rwanda.

“5,000 teachers have been trained in basic ICT and the methodology of teaching using technology."

Government officials from around the world attended the event alongside 250 captains of industry from ICT companies such as HP, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Oracle and Google.


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