Mar 24, 2017 Last Updated 10:30 AM, Mar 24, 2017

MEC opens tourism school

ABN – The Taung Hotel School and Convention Centre for tourism has officially been opened by North West MEC.

Courses in professional cookery, food and beverages, accommodation services, tourism and hospitality management will be available at the school.

Students have already started attending the institution but full operations at the school will start in March.

Around 30 students have already been admitted for this academic year however more students are expected to be accepted towards the middle of this year.

Desbo Mohono, spokeswoman for MEC, said: “All spheres of government that are affected by youth development issues have to radically implement ways to lure our youth to have a hunger for education.

“This is the only way to give them a better life.”


Nigerian Law graduates acquire masters in six months

ABN – Nigerian law graduates can now acquire a masters in Law (LLM) within six months due to a partnership between the UK’s BPP University and the Nigerian Law School.

The new curriculum offers equally divided time between the UK and Nigeria.

Legal professionals will be able to study towards an LLM in Trans-national Criminal Justice, Comparative Commercial Law or International Business Law at BPP Law School in London.

Peter Crisp, Dean and CEO of BPP Law School, said: “The launch of the LLM courses in Nigeria will provide graduates and professionals with the opportunity to gain specialist experience that otherwise may not have been available to them.

“More than 3,300 of BPP University’s students are international students and we are dedicated to continuing to expand our presence in the overseas market and forging integral relationships with partners like Nigeria Law School.”


Zanzibar introduces free education

ABN – The president of Zanzibar Ali Mohamed Shein has announced the revival of free education in the south-eastern African Isles.

The government will scrap the fees for both primary and secondary schools.

President Shein said: “From the next financial year, which begins in July 2015, parents will no longer be obliged to contribute fees for their children in primary schools.

“We have decided to revive the policy started by the first Zanzibar President, the late Abeid Amani Karume, who announced free education on September 23, 1964.

“Let us honour him by abolishing the fees.”

The president has also introduced free maternal services for expecting mothers including labour charge.


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