May 26, 2018 Last Updated 11:11 AM, May 23, 2018

“Computer Labs for the Blind” launches in Kenya

ABN – InAble, AccessKenya and the Rockefeller Foundation have partnered to provide “Computer Labs for the Blind” in Siaya County.

The assistive learning technologies will be installed at the St. Oda Primary and Secondary School for the Blind.

Around 350 students are expected to benefit from the technology, which seeks to provide those with visual impairments with basic computer skills.

Students will be taught how to access the Internet and online education content in the hopes of developing skills that will make them employable.

InAble executive director Irene Mbari Kirika said: “The scarcity of facilities and human capital for the blind and visually impaired have for a long time meant that they cannot compete equally with their sighted peers.

“They either find it difficult to start an education or complete the same under challenging conditions that make it impossible to build a foundation for self-reliance and contribution to the community, pushing them into begging and other forms of activities for their survival.

 “Braille textbooks happen to be bulky and expensive, requiring up to four or more students to share a single book, presenting a challenge in imparting knowledge to the students.

“For instance, whereas the cost of books required by a Form 4 student costs about Sh7,060 (US$71.9) it would cost slightly over Sh61,000 in braille which is way out of reach for very many Kenyans.”


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