Jun 19, 2018 Last Updated 7:55 AM, Jun 12, 2018

Kenya Airways donates training material to TU-K

passenger plane takeoffABNABN - Kenya Airways has donated a raft of high-tech training equipment to aviation students at Technical University of Kenya (TU-K).

In a joint initiative by Kenya Airways, General Electric (GE), and Boeing, a CF6-80A2 aircraft engine worth US$2 million, along with aviation maintenance training books, training aids, aircraft manuals and various used aircraft parts were donated to the university.

Kenya Airways’ strategy and performance management director, Thomas Omondi said: “Our donation today further strengthens our commitment to ensuring a stronger foundation of aeronautical knowledge, skills and more experience to aviation technicians and engineers.”

Aerospace and Aviation Engineering program students will utilise the donated materials during their studies at TU-K, which is one of three universities in sub-Saharan Africa that offers Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering.

TUK’s Vice Chancellor Professor F.W.O Aduol said: “This donation will provide the much needed practical and research orientation to our technician and engineering students and thus increase their competitiveness.

“This will make us the university of choice for aspiring aviation professionals in the region.”



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