May 23, 2018 Last Updated 11:11 AM, May 23, 2018

IBM launches $70 million digital learning platform

Africa TechABNABN - IBM (LSE:IBM) has announced it will launch a cloud-based learning platform called IBM Digital - Nation Africa, which could reach up to 25 million African youths. 

The initiative aims to prepare a generation of African’s for ‘new collar’ careers, where digital competence and skills in cybersecurity and data science will be of paramount importance.

The IBM Digital - Nation Africa scheme will also attempt to raise literacy levels and develop entrepreneurial approaches across the continent.

The virtual learning environment on the IBM Bluemix cloud will also offer advanced courses in topics such as critical thinking and innovation.

Hamilton Ratshefola, country general manager for IBM South Africa said: “IBM sees effective, high quality IT education as a key driver of economic vitality in Africa.

“Through access to open standards, best practices, IBM tools, and course materials, the broad scope of this initiative will enable vital skills development.”

The company will launch the programme from its regional offices in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, and Egypt, before expanding it across Africa.



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