Mar 24, 2017 Last Updated 10:30 AM, Mar 24, 2017

Kwara State government reconstructs federal roads

ABN – The Kwara State government has contracted N14 billion to reconstruct roads within the Kwara State, Nigeria.

N8 billion has been contracted for the Kaiama-Kishi Road and a further N6 billion for the Ilesha-Baruba/Gwanara Road.

This is part of the Kwara State government’s commitment to improving the condition of the roads including the federal roads within the state.

The Kwara State Governor Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed said: “We have not reneged on our responsibility to ensure that the roads will be done.

“The state government will continue to embark on road rehabilitation. By God’s grace, the next few weeks, once the rains subside, I am going to flag off the Kaiama-Kishi Road, and the Ilesha-Baruba Road.”

The state government urged the Federal Government to reimburse some of the funds spent on federal roads as the state has little finances.

Ahmed continued: “In the last 10 years, there is no presence of any good road project in Kwara from the Federal Government.”


Lowest Dangote Cement prices since 2005

ABN – Dangote Cement (NSE: DANGCEM) has lowered its cement prices to the cheapest they have been since 2005 in Nigeria.

The price of the 32.5 cement grade currently stands at N1,000 per 50 kilogram bag and the higher 42.5 grade is priced at N1,150 per bag.

These new prices are a 40% discount compared to the current market price of the product, which stands at N1,700 across the country.

The company hopes the price decrease will help develop infrastructure and reduce the near 20 million housing deficit in Nigeria.

Dangote Cement managing director Devakumar Edwin said: "We recognise the need for a dramatic increase in the response to the huge infrastructure and housing deficit in the country.

One of the ways of addressing the issue is bringing the price of building materials down to much more affordable levels, especially cement which is within our own control."

Angola’s floating bridge gets go ahead

ABN – 24/10/14 – A floating bridge will be constructed across the Okavango River in Angola as planned after concerns over its build were dismissed.

Construction began in June but was put on hold a month later after a number of local people and tourism companies expressed concern over its construction.

They protested that the bridge, which has no opening for river traffic, would obstruct the free movement of vessels up and down the river, which runs through both Angola and Namibia.

Ernesto Fernando, Angola’s deputy governor for economics in the Cuando-Cubango province, told reporters the bridge will be built in order to increase trade and investment between the two countries.

“We need to improve our relationship in terms of co-operation and this bridge will facilitate that in terms of the movement of goods, as well as services between the two countries,” he said.

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