Mar 28, 2017 Last Updated 9:05 AM, Mar 28, 2017

South Africa halts Metsimaholo sewerage work

ABN – South Africa’s national department of water affairs has halted the construction of Metsimaholo’s controversial raw sewerage pipeline.

The pipeline will stretch from Refengkgotso into the Vaal Dam.

The department has demanded that the municipality complies with the National Water and Water Services Acts.

Metsimaholo municipality must now apply for the relevant authorisation and licences.

James Letuka, DA member of the Free State legislature, said: "It was a close call. The municipality was determined to complete the project in record time.

“Pumping raw sewerage into the Vaal Dam would have polluted the environment and poisoned a critically important fresh water source, compromising the drinking water quality of millions of South Africans.

"As far as I know, no impact studies were done before construction. The pipes, leading from Refengkgotso over a distance of three kilometres, have reached the dam.

"They only have to connect the pipes across the road before they can start pumping."


Tanzania to construct new railway line

ABN – Tanzania has awarded Chinese firms with contracts worth around US$9 billion to construct new railway lines throughout the country.

Around 2,500 kilometres of railway lines will be constructed under the contracts, which will connect the Dar Es Salaam port to land-locked neighbours.

Transport Minister Samuel Sitta said: "A consortium of Chinese railway companies led by China Railway Materials (CRM) has been picked to help us build the railway line."

Almost 10% of the funding for the project will be provided by the consortium and construction on the line is expected to commence this month.


Upgrade work resumes at Liberian hydropower plant

ABN – The rehabilitation of a hydroelectric facility in Liberia is set to restart after being suspended due to the Ebola epidemic.

Upgrade work at the 64MW Mount Coffee hydroelectric facility near the Liberian capital of Monrovia was stopped in early August 2014.

Preparations are now being made to resume work on the US$230 million rehabilitation project following the World Health Organization’s announcement that Liberia is finally Ebola-free.

“Following the Ebola epidemic, we are now getting ready to resume on-site work on the Mount Coffee project and are in close consultation with the Liberian government in this regard,” said Christer Parkegren, CEO of project co-ordinator Voith Hydro-Heidenheim.

“Start-up of the modernised Mount Coffee hydropower plant is scheduled for the end of 2016.”

The rehabilitation project is expected to increase the plant’s output by a third.

It will include modernising the plant’s Francis turbines, supplying new generators, improving the control technology and upgrading the electrical and mechanical power plant equipment.

During a visit to the facility, Liberia’s energy minister Patrick Sendolo said: “Following the modernisation, the power plant will supply more than a million people in Liberia with clean electricity from renewable resources.”


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