Apr 26, 2018 Last Updated 9:12 AM, Apr 25, 2018

NGO to build 5,000 houses in Nigerian state of Kwara

housesABNABN - The Africa Nations Development Programme (ANDP) will build 5,000 two-bedroom houses in the Nigerian state of Kwara.

In a partnership with the state government, the NGO will undertake the housing construction which will provide homes free of charge to less privileged and lower-income citizens in Kwara.

The government will provide land for the housing estates to be built in seven remote communities across three districts of the state.

State governor Alh Abdulfatah Ahmed performed the ground-breaking of the project which has been titled ‘New Cities in Remote Places’.

“Not only is housing a key marker for any community, it also plays a significant role in peace, security and development,” said Ahmed.

“While it is impossible for any nation to meet the housing needs of all its citizens, my administration continues to innovate housing policies and partnerships designed to provide affordable mass housing to as many citizens and residents as possible.”

Related institutional and infrastructure projects will also be constructed including an ultra-modern hospital, schools, road networks and water and electrical utilities.



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