May 23, 2018 Last Updated 11:11 AM, May 23, 2018

Cape Town to get three new freeways and bridges

Cape Town Business DistrictABNABN -Cape Town’s Mayor Patricia De Lille has pledged to build three unfinished freeways and bridges on the western, central and eastern side of the Foreshore Freeway, in a bid to reduce congestion in the CBD.

Speaking at the official opening of the exhibition of proposals for the Foreshore Freeway Precinct, the Mayor outlined a host of additional urban planning measures for the city.

De Lille said: “The development of the Foreshore Freeway Precinct will be on a scale never seen before in Cape Town.

“We expect it to resolve some of the challenges that are currently preventing us from realising the City’ full potential – lack of mobility being key.”

The project will also involve the construction of city centre housing to help reduce traffic on the roads.

Tender applications will run during the course of 2017, with the project expected to commence towards the end of the year.  



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