Jun 19, 2018 Last Updated 7:55 AM, Jun 12, 2018

India-Nigeria relations set to grow as trade hits $10 billion

Lagos NigeriaABNABN - Bilateral relations between India and Nigeria will be further strengthened at an international exhibition held in the African nation, while trade between the two hit $10 billion in 2016.

The Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Nagabushana Reddy revealed that a two-day event focused on information communication technology (ICT) is being organised for September.

Reddy, speaking at an event in Abuja, said the industry gathering was not just aimed at improving bilateral trade relations, but also championing ICT as a major component of economic development.

Along with around 200 companies from India, organisers expect to attract guests from 14 countries around the world to the exhibition.

Indo-Nigerian relations will reach the 60 years milestone in 2016, with current areas of collaboration ranging from agriculture, defence, healthcare, infrastructure to socio-cultural exchanges.

"We are quite happy with the current state of engagement between India and Nigeria and there is more to be done,” said Reddy.

"Let's not forget at this point in time, India is the largest trading partner of Nigeria. Similarly for India, Nigeria is the largest trading partner in Africa, which means there is considerable bilateral economic engagement which we can build on.”



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