Mar 18, 2018 Last Updated 10:53 AM, Mar 16, 2018

Work begins on subsea cables linking Angola to Brazil

fibreopticsABNABN - The first phase of work has begun on a 6,500km subsea cable which will link Angola to Brazil, in a bid to drastically improve global connectivity to the Southern African nation. 

Telecommunications company Angola Cables inaugurated the first construction phase of the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), which will run from Fortaleza, Brazil to Quissama on the Angolan coast, at an official launch in Sangano.

Once the US$300 million project is completed, SACS and its associated data centres and internet exchange points will significantly advance Angola’s digital economy through greater global connectivity.

The subsea cable will have 40 terabytes per second of capacity, and will reduce latency periods between Angola and Brazil from 300 milliseconds (ms) to approximately 60ms.

“For Angolans, the time to access content available in America – the largest centre for the production and aggregation of digital content and services – will improve fivefold,” said António Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables.



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