May 23, 2018 Last Updated 11:11 AM, May 23, 2018

Zimbabwe bans grain imports after bumper harvest

tractor in drought AusFarmABNABN - Zimbabwe has banned grain imports after local farmers produced a bumper harvest, which should be enough to meet domestic demand.

The Southern African nation’s grain agency, Grain Marketing Board (GMB), has also raised US$200 million to purchase maize from local farmers, according to a report by the state-owned Chronicle newspaper.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Davis Marapira said: "GMB will buy maize from local farmers from the funds they have and more money will be available to purchase locally produced maize.

"The government stopped issuing grain import permits about four months ago and no maize imports are allowed at our borders."

The news of a strong yield comes as a boost to the national agricultural sector, which has received humanitarian support and has imported grain for several years as a result of droughts and poor harvests.

Zimbabwe and its neighbouring countries were hit particularly hard last year by an extended drought induced by El Nino weather conditions across Southern Africa.



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